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Coeur d’Alene School District 271 Maintenance and Operations Levy.

With this particular election, the most important fact that every voter needs to be aware of is that this represents 21% of the district’s operating budget.

This M & O Levy does represent an increase in the levy amount. However, what the students get for that additional amount is important. Class sizes will be reduced and updated curriculum materials will be acquired. Some textbooks are very old and haven’t been updated due to budget cuts and constraints over the last many years. “I support this M&O levy because it is fundamental to the success of our district and the kids,” said Mic Armon.

All voting members of BNI voted unanimously in favor of this levy. Eden Irgens abstained from voting.

Post Falls School District 273 Bond Levy.

School overcrowding is a real issue and one that impacts the kids. Adding square feet for a district to grow into over time is a good long-range plan. Upgrading heating systems allows for energy efficiencies and guarantees good air quality for kids. Security upgrades will also be included within this initiative. All of this and at no increase in tax costs for taxpayers. “We must continue to educate and improve our children,” said Clay Larkin. “Post Falls does a great job.”

The Balance North Idaho board voted unanimously in favor of the Post Falls SD 273 bond levy.

Plummer/Worley School District Supplemental Levy.

This is a continuation of the same levy amount passed in 2013. The money will be used for very fundamental things: reduced class sizes, keeping the athletic program, maintaining two full-time kindergarten classes to ensure young students get basic skills, maintaining an art program, reinstating a PE teacher at Lakeside Elementary, adding a science teacher and keep in-school suspensions vs. sending kids home on suspension. “It's often difficult to pass a levy there because of misinformation, and a lot of the residences are lake vacation homes whose owners are not full-time residents. I strongly encourage the community to support this much needed levy,” said Elva (Cookie) Allan.

The Balance North Idaho board voted unanimously in favor of the Plummer Worley SD Supplemental Levy.

Kootenai School District 274 Supplemental Levy.

Supplemental Levy: The Trustees approved a supplemental levy for $900,000 per year for the next two years, 2015 and 2016. The Trustees reduced the 2014 level from $1.2 million to $900,000 at their September board meeting. Therefore, this is a continuation of the same rate. The cost to the owner of a $200,000 home with a homeowner’s exemption would remain the same as this year, $17.75 per month. Funds are used to supplement state dollars and are spent on transportation, classroom materials, curriculum and technology.

The Balance North Idaho board voted unanimously in favor of the Kootenai SD #274 Supplemental Levy.

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