Judge Mitchell

Balance North Idaho Endorsements: 2018 Elections

Endorsements for First Judicial District of the Idaho District Courts:

Thursday, April 27, 2018. Kootenai County, Idaho. Balance North Idaho today announces the endorsement of Judge John Mitchell for re-election to the First Judicial District of the Idaho District Courts.
Both Judge Mitchell and his opponent, Douglas Pierce, opted to meet with Balance North Idaho’s Board of Directors. Both candidates have sound experience in the field of law. However, a few things stood out with regards to Judge Mitchell. He is a judge that cares and shows empathy about doing the right thing for people and focusing on what will change behavior, as much of the crimes are crimes of addiction. Judge Mitchell isn’t simply sending people to jail to get them off the streets- he is concerned and trying to ascertain the best way to get the individual person to modify behavior where possible. A couple of things he mentioned: he’s tough, but he wholly believes it’s best to keep someone out of prison, unless there is a safety issue, while working on changing behavior, and he would like to see a specific Veterans Court developed, much like the mental health and drug courts. The BNI Board felt that Judge Mitchell was the stronger candidate and deserves to maintain his seat on the bench.
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