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Balance North Idaho Endorsements: 2019 Elections

Endorsements for Kootenai Health Board:

Monday, May 6, 2019, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, - The Balance North Idaho (BNI) Board of Directors today announces their endorsements for the May 21, 2019 Kootenai Health Board of Trustees election. Six individuals are running for two open seats and each were invited to interview with BNI – Mr. Mic Armon, Dr. Randil Clark, Mrs. Liz Godbehere, and Mr. Steve Matheson, opted to participate in an interview with Balance North Idaho. The two BNI endorsements for Kootenai Health Board of Trustees are:

Dr. Randil Clark:
Dr. Clark is a partner in North Idaho Urology, which is an independent practice not affiliated with the hospital. He has served as chief of surgery and chief of staff at the hospital level in his history, but not at Kootenai Health. He is an advocate for his patients and believes having a physician on the Kootenai Health Board that is not affiliated with the hospital will be of benefit to the community. He wants to ensure the hospital stays stable, doesn’t want debt to influence patient care, nor would he ever want to see the independent hospital get taken over by another larger organization. He believes Cancer Therapy has room for growth so that people don’t have to travel elsewhere. He also feels better post care capabilities, as coverage is currently limited and people are having to go elsewhere. He recognizes there may be times he needs to recuse himself from a vote, but feels he will bring a balance to the board from the medical side that doesn’t exist currently.

Mr. Mic Armon:
Mr. Armon has served 4 years on the board and shared that the business of the hospital is getting extremely complex. The organization needs a board to fit the needs of the hospital. Healthcare is extremely complex and requires a lot of study. He has put in that time and has been proud of the work of the board. As he stated, “This board is one of the hardest working boards I have been a part of to date.” Coeur d’Alene is the 5th fastest growing MSA in the country, which includes a lot of retirees, whom will be needing a great deal of medical services as they continue to age.

He is very proud of the work of the board. The hospital runs very lean, has an A rating with S&P, and has strong women and children care. He will work to make sure that Kootenai Health does a better job of connecting with the community.
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