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Balance North Idaho PAC Announces NIC Board of Trustee Endorsements

Christie Wood

Christie Wood has served proudly as a Trustee since 2004 and continues to be a passionate and tough advocate for the needs of North Idaho College students, faculty and the community at large. Ms. Wood has the deep understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Trustee and has proven to be a uniter who can rise above the rhetoric to do what needs to get done to make NIC a premier educational institution in the State of Idaho. She is a sergeant with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department and currently handles all media and community relations for the department.

Ken Howard

Ken Howard is committed to making sure that NIC be instrumental in meeting the needs of the workforce in North Idaho and a strong partner in the continued economic growth and development of our area. He believes in best practices and quality management and leadership for the college. Mr. Howard was elected to the NIC Board of Trustees in 2010. He has been a North Idaho resident since 1977 and is a longtime Coeur d'Alene trial attorney. Howard has served on the Idaho State Bar Association Board of Governors and has held other positions for judicial organizations.

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