Balance North Idaho Endorsements: November 2015 Elections

Endorsements for city council candidates in their respective November 2015 elections:
  1. Coeur d'Alene City Council

  2. Seat 1: Ron Edinger:
    Councilman Edinger demonstrated his vast experience, dedication to the community, enthusiasm and energy for maintaining his position on the Coeur d'Alene City Council. He a proponent of the arts, fire and police, working to find solutions for the homeless population, the upcoming 4 corners project and getting back the carousel. We are convinced this kind man will continue to do an excellent job representing the people of this community.

    Seat 5: No endorsement
    After interviewing the candidates for this seat, the Balance NI Board felt there was not a candidate of substance to endorse.

  3. Post Falls City Council

  4. Seat 3: Joe Malloy
    Joe Malloy is a very involved, thoughtful community member and councilman. He brings a younger demographic viewpoint to the council makeup and has wise views for improving the city for all, including working hard on ADA compliance within the streets and trail development for biker safety. He is glad to have the overpass to help get emergency services to and from segments of the town faster. He is a fan of the PF Police and Fire Departments. He feels diversity in city hiring is essential and wants to make the best use of city land.

    Seat 5: Lynn Borders
    Lynn Borders has been very involved within the city of Post Falls and wants to continue to see it get shaped well. He is a former accountant, fire inspector, fire chief of 25 years and has been on planning and zoning. This experience provides him with diverse knowledge to apply to a council term. He wants to improve relations with smaller businesses vs. just focusing on the larger ones, do more to make PF a little more attractive. He believes that sharing resources between fire and police will better serve the community. He is a proponent of bicycle infrastructure and wants to develop a stronger balance of jobs and people.

  5. Hayden City Council

  6. Seat 1: Tim Timmins
    Spend some time with Tim Timmins and you will see that his heart and time are dedicated to making Hayden the best community for citizens and businesses. He may not be an avid art enthusiast, but he is enjoying the positive energy being created by the Hayden Arts Commission. He recognizes the community needs 3-4x more police, but is grateful that Coeur d'Alene and the Kootenai County Sherriff always lend a hand when they need it. He recuses himself from any decisions between the current NIBCA conflict with Hayden. This man has a genuine heart for the community and works hard for it.
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