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Coeur d'Alene Endorsements

Steve Widmyer
**Mayor: Steve Widmyer - Financial acumen/Vision/Wisdom.
Steve Widmyer will serve Coeur d'Alene well as Mayor. He is a uniter. His understanding of the role of Mayor is fundamental. He is a team player with a humility that is unique considering his personal success as a businessman. He would have chosen to have a public vote on McEuen, but looks forward to the joy the park will bring the citizens and visitors. He understands economic development, is a fiscal conservative who will always seek efficiency and will continue to promote the best practices to provide taxpayers good return on investment. This 'gentleman' will not walk into city hall with an ego or an agenda. His priorities beyond conservative fiscal management are jobs and citizen safety.
Amy Evans
**Seat 2: Amy Evans - Heart/Non-Profit depth/Growth Management.
Amy Evans has an extremely positive outlook for our city. Her priorities are to listen, foster a positive momentum, and continue to work on the absorption and management of community growth against a healthy, long-term vision with the best interests of all in mind. She has started two non-profits and has a heart for those in need. Having served on Planning and Zoning, she understands urban issues for the community and will continue to be a steward of community growth management.
Woody McEvers
Seat 4: Woody McEvers - Commitment /Honest/Track Record.
Woody McEvers brings over a decade of tenure that includes an always unique perspective. Woody is always asking questions no one else would ask and an open mind to city council business. This beach guy has proven he will hear (not just listen to) both sides and avoid preconceived ideas. His main priorities will be the Dike Road and Education Corridor collaborations.
Kiki Miller
**Seat 6: Kiki Miller - Driven/Fact Tracker/Open Mind
Volunteer of the Year - how many of us have that on their resume? She is committed to discovering the facts and making the best choice for the citizens on issues. She has a common sense approach to politics and believes in fiscal responsibility to taxpayers. She believes a voice is best heard upfront and promises to listen for the benefit of this community she cares so deeply about.
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